SNATCH DL, Snatch SHRUG, Power Snatch

Wednesday, January 25 Your hands cannot leave the bar during each round.  If you would like to complete this workout with KB that option is available. It would go like this Russian Swing, Snatch High Pull, Snatch.  I can help anyone with this if your interested. Challenge: 3x500m Row, rest at least the time it takes you to complete each 500. Please record your splits(each time) Play: Some kind of mobility

WOD: 4 Rounds for max weight 3 Snatch Grip DL, 3 Snatch Shrug, 3 Power Snatch



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    • Guestover 6 years ago

      ....oh geeze....thats a lot a ...ahh I can't say it!

    • Guestover 6 years ago

      In Soviet Russia...tire flips you! Snatchity-snatch-snatch.

      Vote Ron Paul in 2012.
      9/11 was caused by Velociraptors.
      Stop homeless fisting.

      As you were...

    • 773c6dc43760f793c15d7194493d746b
      Patrick Wellsover 6 years ago

      We have some interesting characters on this blog. I like it. Keeps life interesting. Speaking of a strong snatch, check this out from our friends up north:

    • Guestover 6 years ago

      245lb snatch by Zach. That's impressive!

    • Guestover 6 years ago

      You're welcome for having a very busy day and leaving all snatch jokes alone!