Sprint work

Thursday, March 3rd

WOD: 10 rounds :30 seconds max effort row, bike or ski, rest 1:00(record calories and implement used)

Strength: 12x2 Backsquat @ 70%

Accessory: 6x4 single leg squats(go weighted if its easy), 3x10 AHAP Russian Swings

Recovery: 1x100 banded good mornings


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    Sean Wellsabout 3 years ago

    @OC, this type of conditioning won't make you sore so you can do the Open workout tomorrow. You won't get better by staying at home.

  • 773c6dc43760f793c15d7194493d746b
    Patrick Wellsabout 3 years ago

    Any men, size 12.5 looking for Nike Metcon 1.0's? A crossfitter up in Portland, works for Nike, has 3 pair for sale, $30 including shipping for slightly used Nikes.
    Colors are Black/White, Red/Blue/White, and the Camo/Orange PR Hunter ones.