Wall Ball/Pull Up

Tuesday, January 24 Challenge: 3, 3,3,3,3 Clean & Jerk Play: Partner Stretching

WOD: 12 Min Amrap 15 Wall Balls 20/16, 10 Pull Up



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    • Guestalmost 5 years ago

      Hey Dennis, can you find us a Wallball Pullup video?

    • Guestalmost 5 years ago

      I think it might be two different movements Confused Guy, but you could be doing this.
      Wall Ball Pullup:

    • Guestalmost 5 years ago

      I think we should hang bacon above the pullup bar for encouragement. Who needs a carrot??

    • 50ea1de21f0f78a6e778b8455284a48b
      Patrick Wellsalmost 5 years ago

      I like bacon. And wallballs are cool too. Excited for this clean and jerk challenge as well.

    • 09819bbd2d2ba3507215219308d45561
      Collin Brooksalmost 5 years ago

      Bacon is the candy of meats!

    • Guestalmost 5 years ago

      Bacon = greatness. This WOD looks like suck (=fun). Everyone make sure to use the whiteboard! My goal today is to get as many rounds as collin!

    • Edummann Edummann1almost 5 years ago

      All of this talk about bacon is disusting and wrong. Animals are not meant to be eaten, they are caring souls that should be loved, and not used as food. Eating animals is morally wrong, and also the practice of raising animal for slaughter has huge negative impacts on the enviroment. Futhermore.....ah, wait a second, I love Bacon! What the hell am I talking about!

    • Guestalmost 5 years ago

      Has anyone noticed that Dennis is having a bi-polar moment and talking to his alter ego "Confused Guy"? LOL! And futhermore, so is Eric!!!

    • 50ea1de21f0f78a6e778b8455284a48b
      Patrick Wellsalmost 5 years ago

      @Eric, I like it. Good to see you posting comments on here again, family man. :)

      Ok, I'm calling someone out right now....Brant, when are you coming back to join us in Oregon???

      @Mike, is that a challenge to Collin?

      My goal is beat you both on the Clean and Jerks... ;)

    • Guestover 4 years ago

      Bacon is amazing!!!