Saturday, July 28

Henry L. putting in some work

WOD: ”Kelly” 5 rounds, 400m run, 30 box jump 24/20, 30 wall ball 20/14. IF you would like to do this with a partner add an additional round and complete 6 rounds. Partners will alternate 400m runs and the complete the rest of the round as task completion. Each partner will run 3x 400m run. 35 min time cap - the recommendation is and always is to step down from your box jumps

Kelly: Kelly

FOR TIME - Fast and Heavy

Friday, June 22

WOD: For time, fast and heavy: 21 dumbbell thrusters Run 400 meters 18 dumbbell thrusters Run 400 meters 15 dumbbell thrusters Run 400 meter DB load is up to you - if no run row 500m or 1k concept 2 bike, or ski 500m,

Strength: work up to a heavy chin up - after complete 3x5 chin ups @ 60% of your 1RM daily max (scaled work accumulate 1:00 total time chin up hold - and 15 total reps using lightest band possible)

Recovery: 1x50 on each arm seated rows

Weighted Chin Up : Weighted Chin Up Palms facing you, weighted chin up

Constant work

Saturday, July 22

The silent auction sheets are up. Please post to comments if you have questions. Thank you all for your support.

WOD: 5 rounds for time: 400m run, 500m row (30 min cap) (if no run, TrueForm run, bike or ski) Think about keeping a consistent pace - start slower than you initially think you need to go.

Recovery: Coaches choice

run and a few heavy deadlifts

Thursday, May 4

Oregon CrossFit is sending a team to Regionals as well as Carly is going again as an individual. If you are interested in helping the team pay for expenses please consider purchasing a t-shirt or tank top. They are $20. Proceeds will go to offset housing,food,gas,etc. If you would like a shirt please post to comments with your name-size or email me with the same information. If you could pay with cash or check it would be great.

Guys: Front / Back

Ladies:Front / Back

WOD: 6 rounds, 1 DL 365/245, 400m run(16 min cap)

Strength: OH squat 5x5 @ 70%

Accessory: 100 standing oblique crunches

Recovery: 1x100 banded good mornings