FOR TIME - Fast and Heavy

Friday, June 22

WOD: For time, fast and heavy: 21 dumbbell thrusters Run 400 meters 18 dumbbell thrusters Run 400 meters 15 dumbbell thrusters Run 400 meter DB load is up to you - if no run row 500m or 1k concept 2 bike, or ski 500m,

Strength: work up to a heavy chin up - after complete 3x5 chin ups @ 60% of your 1RM daily max (scaled work accumulate 1:00 total time chin up hold - and 15 total reps using lightest band possible)

Recovery: 1x50 on each arm seated rows

Weighted Chin Up : Weighted Chin Up Palms facing you, weighted chin up

6 on - 2 off - 2 on

Thursday, June 21

WOD: 6 min max KB snatch 53/35 (unlimited hand switch) rest 2 minute, 2 minute max burpee to a target(use something 1 foot above reach) Record snatches and total burpees. KB can be set down in the 6 min window

Strength: 8x2 deadlift off pins at just below knee @ 80% of 1RM DL(

Accessory: 3x10 Goblet squat (work up as heavy as possible)

Recovery: 50 each leg single leg glute ham bridges

For time using a single db

Friday, June 15

WOD: For time, using a single dumbbell: 10 weighted pull-ups 40 overhead lunges 10 weighted pull-ups 30 snatches, alternating arms 10 weighted pull-ups 20 overhead squats, 10 each arm 10 weighted pull-ups 10 Turkish get-ups 10 weighted pull-ups Men: 50-lb. dumbbell Women: 35-lb. dumbbell workout courtesy of

Accessory: 3 rounds, 12 barbell upright rows, 10 db hammer curls on each arm, 12 dips

Gymnastic Prep: 2 rounds: 10 thumbs pointed at each other ring rows or barbell rows, 5 wall walks

Recovery: Foam Roll

Longer Wednesday

Wednesday, June 13

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WOD: 30 min amrap, 500m row/ski/1000m bike(concept 2 bike) , 5 p bar shoot thrus(dip + Push up, scaled no dip or push up) 7 back squats 185/135

Gymnastic Prep: 3 rounds NFT 10 pistols( scale accordingly) , 3 forward rolls (use mats), 10 kipping swings

Recovery: 50 lateral lunges each leg