EMOM for 20 - Power cleans

Sunday, August 12 2018

WOD: EMOM for 20 minutes 3 Power cleans on even minutes, 4 box jumps on even minutes (if you trained yesterday and/or box jumps aren't your thing do weighted step ups to a 24/20 box) (for a different stimulus - complete sandbag cleans or dball over shoulder - use a fat bar axle or put fat gripz on a barbell- use a stone to shoulder - db cleans - box height can any height)

Gymnastic Prep: 3x10 pbar shoot thrus, 3x ME ring support hold, 3x10 Kipping swings

Recovery: Coaches Choice

"Fight Gone Bad"

Saturday, August 11, 2018

WOD: 3 rounds for max reps of: 1 minute of wall-ball shots 1 minute of sumo deadlift high pulls 1 minute of box jumps 1 minute of push presses 1 minute of rowing (calories) Rest 1 minute Men: 20-lb. ball to 10-ft., 75-lb. SDHP and press, 20-in. box Women: 14-lb. ball to 9-ft., 55-lb. SDHP and press, 20-in. box

Recovery: Coaches Choice

Fight Gone Bad: Fight Gone Bad


Saturday, July 28

Henry L. putting in some work

WOD: ”Kelly” 5 rounds, 400m run, 30 box jump 24/20, 30 wall ball 20/14. IF you would like to do this with a partner add an additional round and complete 6 rounds. Partners will alternate 400m runs and the complete the rest of the round as task completion. Each partner will run 3x 400m run. 35 min time cap - the recommendation is and always is to step down from your box jumps

Kelly: Kelly

3 of 20 and 20

Monday, June 11

Part of the 7am Sports performance crew working

WOD: 3 rounds, 20 burpee box jumps 24/20, 20 Front rack lunges in place 95/65

Strength: OH Squat - 1RM

Accessory: complete 40 box jumps( if no jumps work on weihgted step ups to a 20" or smaller box)

Recovery: 100 calf raises holding onto power rack -( if more work is desired stand on power rack and let heels drop to floor)

Overhead Squat: Overhead Squat

"Last Ascent"

Monday, May 14

WOD: WOD: “Last Ascent” 5-10-15 backsquats at 225/155 Box jumps 24/20 (15 minute time cap)

Strength: Ultra Wide Sumo Deadlift

Accessory: 2x50 single leg deadlifts using two db/kb (2 total on each leg or 100 reps on each leg)

Recovery: 1x50 glute ham bridge with pause at top every 10 reps for :10

Ultra Wide Sumo Deadlift: Ultra Wide Sumo Deadliftsumo deadlift with a wider than normal stance

Last Ascent: Last Ascent

Go once and then come back to it

Monday, April 23

WOD: 30 KB snatches 70/53, 20 C2B pull ups, 30 box jumps 24/20, 40 wall ball 20/14, 30 box jump overs 20 C2B pull ups, 30 kb snatches 70/53

Strength: Work up to a heavy speciality bar squat

Accessory: Practice kb snatches between squats

Recovery: 1x50 Glute ham bridges with hip circle


Thursday, April 5

WOD: “Christine” 3 rounds, 500m Row, 12DL’s at body weight, 21 box jumps 20”(20 min time cap)

Strength: 10x2 Front squat @ 80%

Accessory: 1x50 feet elevated on two 45# plates glute ham bridges

Recovery: 50 walking lunge steps

Christine: ChristineThree rounds for time of: Row 500 meters 12 Deadlifts: body weight 21 Box jump, 20 inch box

Rack pulls - db snatch and wall ball

Monday, March 19

WOD: 2 rounds for time: 50 Alternating Db snatches 50/35, 25 Wall balls

Strength: Conventional Deadlift off pins just below knee, work up to heavy single

Accessory: 4 rounds, 10 box jumps, 5 bulgarian split squats each leg, 25 glute ham bridges

Recovery: 1x100 banded good mornings