Longer Wednesday

Wednesday, June 13

Latest blog post regarding training sprinting athletes

WOD: 30 min amrap, 500m row/ski/1000m bike(concept 2 bike) , 5 p bar shoot thrus(dip + Push up, scaled no dip or push up) 7 back squats 185/135

Gymnastic Prep: 3 rounds NFT 10 pistols( scale accordingly) , 3 forward rolls (use mats), 10 kipping swings

Recovery: 50 lateral lunges each leg


Saturday, April 21

For those of you looking to do something fun and productive this weekend check out the 5k walk benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. You can register the day of the event, and it's a very fun walk for a great cause! Dogs, people and children are welcome :) Register HERE For those of you who would like to donate to the cause you may do so at Becky's page HERE

WOD: 30 min AMRAP- 1000m row, 40 db walking lunge steps 50/35(total steps, weights can be at your sides)

Strength: 3x10 back squat(you may work up to a heavy set of 10 or you may pick a % and just work there)

Recovery: Coaches Choice

bike, row, be fast and consistent

Wednesday, November 29

The online store is open until DECEMBER 4th. That means you have 5 days to make your order. The store will close down at that point in time. Go to the STORE

New blog post: HERE

WOD: 5 rounds; 20/15 cal assault bike, 15/10 cal row rest, rest 2 minutes between rounds. Record fastest and slowest round

Strength: Length of middle room Yoke Walk Scales: bamboo bar walk, ssb walk.

Recovery: Gut smash

Conditioning/pace work

Thursday, June 1

On Monday, June 5th at 6:30pm we will start our 9-12 year old training sessions up again, if you have a child who is interested please email Sean@oregoncrossfit.com.

This Sunday, June 4th OC will be closed. If your looking for some training, The Heaven Can Wait 5k will be going on. Coach Elena will be running in the 5k. If you have interest in participating see details here. If you want to run as a group meet at Strictly Organic at 8:30am and then everyone will walk as a group to Drake Park to begin. If you have questions email Elena@oregoncrossfit.com

WOD: 10x:42 row intervals at 1:45/500m pace, rest :25 between attempts (ladies try to row at 1:55-2:00/500m pace)

Strength1: 8x2 Back Squat @ 85%

Strength2: 8x2 Sumo Deadlift @ 85%

Recovery: Foam Roll