Meters and Miles

Wednesday, March 27 2019

WOD: 3 rounds for time - 500m row, .5 mile assault bike

Strength: 8x5 box jumps(jump if at all possible) 8x1 Forward roll onto gymnastic mat, 8x3 Strict T2B

Recovery: 50 seated med ball twists “hugging” the med ball

5, 10, 100

Wednesday, March 20 2019

WOD: 5 rounds (NFT), 10 Turkish Get ups, 100 singles or 50 D/U’s

Gymnastics Prep: 3 rounds not for time: 5 single leg squats each leg, :30 L-Sit or knee tuck), 5 supine ring row with feet elevated if possible, 10 Kipping swings

Recovery: 100 walking lunge steps

Monday - Holiday week updates

Monday, November 19 2018

Holiday Schedule:

Wednesday - Normal Schedule

Thursday - Closed

Friday - 9:30am GP Class - Open Gym 10:30-12:00, 12(noon) GP class

Saturday - Back to normal schedule

If you have family/friends who want to come in please ensure you give us a heads up.

WOD: 4 rounds, 10 sumo deadlifts 225/155, 10 lateral burpees over bar, 500m row

Strength1: work up to a 1 rep max weighted box jump or 3 rep max lunge step(use 12-20" box) (on on the jumps - use soft boxes and put weights or other boxes underneath - have someone hold the soft boxes if it becomes wobbly)

Recovery: 2:00 hollow hold

15 min amrap - sit ups and db push jerks

Tuesday, September 4 2018

WOD: 15 min Amrap - 30 Abmat sit ups - 15 single Arm Db Push Jerks 70/50

Strength: 6x6 wide grip bench press @ 65% of 1RM bench press

Accessory: 3x wide grip pull ups (go max effort or get 15 strict or 20-30 rows from barbell)

Recovery: 1x50 banded tear aparts

Labor Day - 2 classes at 9:30am GP and Basics, 1 class at 12(noon)

Monday, September 3 2018

Reminder - 3 classes today: 9:30am Basics, 9:30am GP, 12(noon) GP. Open training between classes.

WOD: For time: 21 deadlifts 225/155 Run 400 meters 18 deadlifts Run 400 meters 15 deadlifts Run 400 meters 12 deadlifts Run 400 meters Workout courtesy of

Strength: Work up to a 8 rep goblet squat

Recovery: 100 calf raises on the power rack

Tabata and then time trial

Friday, August 31 2018

Reminder - OC will have two GP training sessions on Monday(Labor Day) 9:30am and 12(noon) with Open training from 10:30am-12(noon). Basics will be at 9:30am on Monday.

Next Competition the information you need to think about!

WOD: Tabata Strict Pull ups rest 4 minutes - then Run 1 mile for time (if no run complete 2k ski or 2k row/ or 4k C2 Bike or 100 cal assault bike)

Strength: 1 rep max floor press

Accessory: 3x12 db cuban presses, 3x20 seated db shrugs, 3x12 thumb out db rows (both arms at once )

Recovery: 100 banded tricep extensions

End of Summer Updates!

Thursday, August 30 2018

Thank you!

Fall Schedule - Changes

WOD: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Sandbag to shoulder or dball over shoulder, Assault bike calories (completed sandbag workout outside)

Strength: 6x6 Back squat @ 60% of 1 RM back squat

Accessory: 3x20 front rack kb lunge steps

Recovery: 100 jump rope singles

Some outside work

Wednesday, August 29 2018

Thank you!

Labor Day Schedule - OC will have a GP Class at 9:30am and 12(noon) with Open Gym in between. There will be an at home workout posted for those who can't get in.

Today is our last QuickFit workout at least for the Fall. We will be having a 4:30pm GP class and then 5:30pm Weightlifting, and a 6:30pm Endurance class. A lot of people had requested a General Population classes on Wednesday so this Fall we will be offering that. We always want to be moving forward and progressing - our current members are always our priority.

Also starting Labor Day - the 9:00am GP class will move to 9:30am. Again we have had lots of requests from current OC members stating that once school starts its hard to make 9:00am training so we will move it back to ensure we are accommodating our current membership. Finally, have friends/family that are looking to start at Oregon CrossFit? We are exploring the idea of having a 6:30 Basics class (again). If they are serious have them email us

WOD: Complete 4 rounds 5 tire flips - 20m prowler sprint. Rest as needed between rounds. (Work should be done as a sprint - with rest between rounds)

Gymnastic Prep: 3xME Ring Support Hold, 3x20 kipping swing, 3x1:00 plank, 3x :30 Hollow hold

Recovery: 1k row nose only breathing