Happy New Years!! Announcements

Thursday, Jan 1 Happy New Year to all of you! I know, I, as well as all of the Oregon CrossFit coaches are looking forward to big things in 2015.  Starting next week, Monday, January 5th we will be following a new training schedule.  This schedule will call for  "on" training sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Active rest will be programmed on Wednesday.  Saturday will focus on our conditioning efforts as the CrossFit Open gets closer, and Sunday will continue to focus on Strongman-esqu programming and strength.  The change is coming after lots of thought about our training and ways to continue to progress and get better at what we do here at Oregon CrossFit.  Part of this change will include group warm ups and an emphasis on getting people to sign up for classes and showing up on time. Endurance athletes: You will have one double a week now, just Monday.  Wednesday you will be able to come in and focus on your conditioning efforts on Wednesday night. New Classes: OC will now be offering a weightlifting class on Wednesday at 5:30pm.  This class will be open for all levels who would like to improve their Snatch, Clean, and Jerk. Bootcamp: OC will have a Bootcamp class on Mondays at 1pm and Wednesday at 12:00pm. If you have questions about this program please email: Judi@oregoncrossfit.com Starting in February: Oregon CrossFit will be offering a  kids training program.  We will have specific requirements for each class. Details will be forthcoming as we get the plan finalized.  Right now we will be looking at working with kids 4-8 and 8-13.  If you have questions please email Carly@oregoncrossfit.com As always if you have questions or concerns please email me: Sean@oregoncrossfit.com Oregon CrossFit  is CLOSED

WOD: Do something outside for 60-90 minutes.  This could mean walking, shoveling snow, skiing, snow boarding, or anything similar.

10-2 down by 2's

Monday, July 28 Congrats to Collin R. for completing 2 races this weekend.  I don't have all of the race details but I do know he got 4th Overall in one of the races! For all of you who compete in something or another please email me results so I can let everyone else know how you did.  Its important we celebrate those that push themselves outside of the facility as well as in. On the schedule you all might have noticed a class from 7:30am-9am, this class is an open training session for those of you who might need to crush out a WOD quickly and who otherwise wouldn't be able to make it into the facility.  For the most part the COMP Team is training at this time as well.  This class IS NOT Open gym time but another way to complete your work.  If you have questions, email me Sean@oregoncrossfit.com

WOD: Complete 10 front squat /10 box jump, 8/8, 6/6, 4/4, 2/2.  Guys weights go 95,135,155,185,205. Girls weights go 65,95,115,135, 155.  Box Height is 24/20.  Front squat reps have to be unbroken. Done for time.(Scale as necessary, you do not have to clean it racks may be used)

Strength/Skill: banded ab pull  downs 3x30, 3x10 Strict GH raise, 3x10 KB Wall Ball<a href=" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl9uUn5zH2I"> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl9uUn5zH2I</a>

Mobility: 400m jog