Open 18.0

Monday, February 11 2019

WOD: Open 18.0 21-15-9 reps for time of: Dumbbell snatches Burpees, jumping over the dumbbell 50/35

Strength: 3 rep OH squat

Accessory: 5x4 Accelerating KB DL, 5x10 Russian swings heavy(this can be done as a complex)

Recovery: 3 min Couch Stretch on each leg


Friday, February 9

WOD: 18.Zero 21-15-9 reps for time of: Dumbbell snatches Burpees, jumping over the dumbbell 50/35

Strength: Strict Press - one rep

Accessory: 4 rounds- 10 db floor press, 20 banded tricep push downs, 30 db roll back extensions, 10 scap push ups

Recovery: 1:00min hanging from a pull up bar

Strict Press: Strict Press

4 rounds, db snatches and burpee box jumps

Saturday, May 28

Interested in Bend Barbell Club? Read about it here:

Coach Tommy will be lifting at 11am and anyone interested in working on some barbell complexes can come in and train.

WOD: 4 rounds, in 4 minutes complete 20 db snatch 50/35 and then max reps burpee box jump 24/20. Rest 2 minutes between rounds(score is number of total burpee box jumps completed)

Accessory: Complete 3 cycles, 50 russian twists, 50 hollow rocks, 50 lateral leg swings

Recovery: Coaches choice

DB snatches

Sunday, October 18

WOD: Work up to a heavy DB snatches each hand. Then complete 3 rounds of 10 DB snatches, 10 split jumps, 10 goblet squats with DB.

Abs: Complete 3 rounds 10 figure 8's with a ball, 10 v ups, 10 Russian twists.

Recovery: Coaches choice

EMOM for 24 minutes

Wednesday, October 14


1. Only 1 QuickFit class today at 4:45pm.

2. If you want a small/medium zip up hoodie I need to know ASAP, those sold out fast!

3. Sign up for the Nutrition Challenge. Don't procrastinate, several of you(like 10) talked to me about how it would be good to be held accountable for your nutrition, here is your chance.

WOD: EMOM for 24 minutes, Perform 10 DB Snatches( minutes 1, 4, 7….) Perform 10 Ring Rows (minutes 2,5,8…) Perform 12 push ups( 3, 6, 9..)

Strength: 8x2 High Hang Cleans(either build or stay at one percentage)

Recovery: 1k Row