7 rounds of 2 minutes on

Monday, July 2

WOD: 7 2-minute rounds of: 20-cal. row/15 cal row Max rep GHD sit-ups Workout courtesy of CrossFit.com (scale GHD with T2B or abmat sit ups-rest 1 minute between rounds)

Strength: Conventional Deadlift 1 rep max

Accessory: 3x30 banded good mornings

Recovery: 100 glute ham bridges

Sumo Deadlift: Sumo Deadlift

Deadlift: Deadlift

A different kind of Saturday

Saturday, May 12

WOD: Otis Complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes of: 1 back squat, 1 shoulder press, 1 deadlift 2 back squats, 2 shoulder presses, 2 deadlifts 3 back squats, 3 shoulder presses, 3 deadlifts Etc. Use 1½ body weight for the squats and deadlifts and ¾ body weight for the presses. If possible take the press off the floor

Strength: Coach the fundamentals and spend 5-10 minutes on each lift getting set up and ready with the weights

Recovery: Coaches Choice

quick mainsite workout

Friday, March 2

Reminder open workouts tonight at 5:30pm. Sign up for heats on the whiteboard. Warm up will be on the white board. Questions? Post to comments.

WOD: WOD: Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of: 3 deadlifts 7 push presses Men: 275-lb. deadlift, 115-lb. push press Women: 185-lb. deadlift, 75-lb. push press Workout courtesy of CrossFit.com

Strength: Work up to 1 RM behind the neck Push Press

Accessory: 3x30 db roll back extensions

Recovery: 2:00 min plank

Behind the neck Push press: Behind the neck Push pressthe bar starts behind the neck and dip and drive to a maximal lift


Wednesday, February 14

WOD: 10 sets of 10 deadlifts ( pick a weight with the plan of doing all of the reps at that weight -try to rest 2-3 minutes between sets, these can be done either sumo or conventional)

Gymnastic Prep: 4 rounds, 25 hollow rocks, down and back(middle floor bear crawl)

Recovery: 1k row (work on only nose breathing)

Sunday Dumbbbells

Sunday, January 7

WOD: WOD:For Time: 50 Squat clean to Thruster with db’s, 50 squat thrusts, 50 DB deadlifts, 50 V- ups. After you complete each set of 50, complete a 500m row. Db load is up to you. 30 min time cap.

Strength: 5x3 deadlift @ 70% pause three seconds at knee on each lift (you may pull either conventional or sumo)

Accessory: 3x12 seated z press(use db or kb)

Recovery: Coaches Choice