Tuesday, January 8 2019

Heads up Oregon CrossFit, we will be closed Saturday, January 12th so that we are able to host the CrossFit Kettlebell Course. We will post a workout for you to complete at home or enjoy the time off!

WOD: EMOM on the minute for 30 minutes, 2 ground to overhead. Men start at 115, women start at 75…You may snatch, or clean and jerk. Loading is up to as you proceed.

Strength: 4x8 Bent over barbell rows, 4x10 push ups

Recovery: 1x50 seated one band loop in each hand rows

T2B, Deadlifts, and ground to overhead

Tuesday, January 12

I know a lot of you have asked about volunteering or judging at the Best of the West Winter event this weekend. You may sign up to judge/volunteer here: https://oregoncrossfit.com/events/oregon-crossfit-...

WOD: 9 min amrap, 15 T2B, 10 deadlifts 115/75, 10 ground to overhead 115/75

Strength: 9x3 Bench Press @ 60% of 1RM of 1RM Bench Press

Strength: 4x25 bent over rows with db's or kb's

Recovery: Foam Roll

Rope Climbs, bring long socks

Tuesday, October 13

Holiday 6 Week Lean Up Challenge

Here are the details:

  • Initial Measures, November 1st (Sunday)
  • Money Back Measure December 1st (Tuesday)
  • Final Measures December 20th (Sunday)

Sign up for initial measure time slot at front desk of Oregon Crossfit

Cost $40; includes all measures and weekly nutritional guidance


  • Highest percentage body fat loss at mid-measure will receive their money back and an OC t-shirt.
  • The individual with the highest percentage body fat loss after final measures will receive a free month membership to OC.

WOD1: 3 rounds, 2 min ME Rope Climb, rest at least 2 minute but ideally is 4 minutes. Record total number of rope climbs

WOD2 : 7 minute AMRAP of 10 ground to overhead 115/75, 30 D/U (start this together)

Strength: 8x3 Strict Press at 60%

Accessory: 5xME Handstand Push ups(strict, stop one short of failure) If you don't have strict HSPU, work 2 sets of negatives. 3 sets of handstand holds.

Recovery: 1x100 banded tear a parts


Saturday, October 10

WOD : EMOM 20: 8 ground to over head with db’s, 8 split jumps, 8 sit ups. Use db’s that you can consistently move. On even rounds do split jumps. On odd rounds do sit ups. Every round do 8 ground to overhead with 2 dumbbells

Strength: 6 rounds, of 10 lateral db raises(each side), 10 front raises, 10 strict presses (Db’s should be light-ish and easy to move when you first start)

Recovery: Coaches Choice

11.1 Test

Friday, September 4

This workout is from the 2011 CrossFit Open. You can see the standards for the workout here: http://games.crossfit.com/workouts/the-open/2011

Progenex is in for those of you who have been asking. We have Cookies and Cream More Muscle as well as Peanutt Butter Smash! Get it while it lasts.

WOD: 10 min AMRAP, 30 D/U, 15 ground to overhead, 75/55

Strength: Work up to a 10RM bench press

Accessory: 3x30 Bent over DB Flies

Recovery: 30 shoulder dislocates with PVC (with hands as narrow as possible, make a huge arc with the pvc, slowly and steadily pushing the PVC away from you, starting in front of you and going behind you and then repeat

Open 11.1: Open 11.1Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of: 30 Double-unders 15 Power snatches 75/55