Short and sweet?

Tuesday, April 17

WOD: 100 wall ball for time 20/14

Strength: 10x2 Split Jerk@ 75% of 1RM split jerk

Accessory: 3x10 supine bar rows (put a 45# in the racks, lay on your back and grab bar and pull up and touch your chest, make sure you are pulling the bar back into the rack not away)

Recovery: 1:00 hanging from pull up bar

:30 on and :30 off

Tuesday, March 21

WOD: 5 rounds :30 on, : 30 off, burpee box jump 24/20, assault bike for calories, single arm kb to overhead, lunge steps(use the :30 of rest to move to the next station. (20 minutes to complete, record totals at each station)

Strength: 10x2 Split Jerk @70% of 1 RM split jerk

Recovery: 1:00 min hanging from pull up bar