Cindy with a twist

Monday, September 24 2018

WOD: In 20 mins: perform 1 round of Cindy(5 pull ups, 10 air squats, 15 air squats), after the round perform 1 sumo deadlift on 1st round, 2 sumo deadlift on 2nd round. Sumo weight is 315/205

Strength: 1 rep max sumo deadlift

Recovery: 50 superman every 10 reps hold :05​

10am - Memorial Day MURPH

HERO WOD: For time: 1 mile Run, 100 Pull-ups, 200 Push-ups, 300 Squats, 1 mile Run. Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you've got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it. - - - Post time to Results

Recovery: OC Friends & Family BBQ + Potluck to follow!

Murph: Murph

Squats & Jerks

Thursday, May 17

WOD: 3 rounds - 12 front squats 115/85, 10 push jerks 115/85 (from ground)

Strength: OH Squat 5x5 @ 75%

Gymnastic Prep: Complete 100 Hollow rocks with 2.5 pound plate overhead - every 25 reps pause for :10

Recovery: With hip circle, monster walk length of training area

box squat Monday

Monday, March 5

Reminder Open workout 18.2 is due by 5pm today! Don't wait until the last minute, get it submitted!

WOD: 75 Wall Ball, 50 box jump overs 20”, 25 C2B Pull ups (use a band if necessary and get C2B, note this is the preferred method of scaling but isn’t all encompassing)

Strength: wide stance backsquat to a box - 2 RM use specialty bar

Accessory: 3x30 banded pull through (heavy band)

Recovery: 1x100 glute ham bridges​ using hip circle

EMOM and Gymnastics

Saturday, March 3

WOD: 20 MIN EMOM, 1 Power Clean, 1 Front Squat, 1 Push Press/Push Jerk, on even minutes, on odd minutes, complete or 200m row or :40 ass bike at 70/60 rpm pace (pick a weight and stick with it on the weight lifting portion)

Gymnastic Prep: 30 shoot thrus on p-bars(push up shoot thru, dip, shoot thru) - 3:00 total time hanging from pull up bar

Recovery: Coaches Choice

quick mainsite workout

Friday, March 2

Reminder open workouts tonight at 5:30pm. Sign up for heats on the whiteboard. Warm up will be on the white board. Questions? Post to comments.

WOD: WOD: Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of: 3 deadlifts 7 push presses Men: 275-lb. deadlift, 115-lb. push press Women: 185-lb. deadlift, 75-lb. push press Workout courtesy of

Strength: Work up to 1 RM behind the neck Push Press

Accessory: 3x30 db roll back extensions

Recovery: 2:00 min plank

Behind the neck Push press: Behind the neck Push pressthe bar starts behind the neck and dip and drive to a maximal lift

Pull, Push, Thrust

Thursday, February 1

WOD: 12 min AMRAP- 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 Thrusters 50/35 (pull ups can be strict if so cut reps down to a lower number)

Strength: 8x3 Front Squat @ 70%

Accessory: 4x20 banded side oblique crunches(bad to the bottom of the power rack)

Recovery: Bottom of feet roll out

Assault bike calories, push press, C2B

Wednesday, January 17

WOD: 15-12-9 Assault bike calories, Push Press 135/95, C2B Pull ups

Strength: Work up to a max Turkish Get up on each hand

Accessory: After turkish get up complete 10 on each arm with 50% of your 1REP max

Recovery: 3 minutes of jump rope singles

Turkish Get up - LH : Turkish Get up - LH Left handed - using a kb dumbbell or barbell work from a seated position to a standing position.

Turkish Get up -RH : Turkish Get up -RH Right handed Turkish Get up. Start on the ground with a kb, dumbbell, or barbell and proceed to a standing position