Death by Thruster

Friday, July 29

WOD: “Death by DB Thruster” 50/35 first minute complete 1 thruster, minute 2, 2 thrusters, continue until failure

Strength: Heavy DB Press 3 sets to failure(increase weights in each set, complete one hand at a time)

Accessory: 3x20 Bench press(increase weight each set, record heaviest set)

Recovery: 1x100 banded tear aparts

6 min AMRAP, with 2 min rest between rounds

Wednesday, July 27

WOD: In 6 minutes complete as many rounds as possible, 10 burpees, 10 single arm db push presses, rest 2 minutes between rounds. Complete 3 rounds

Accessory: 5 rounds, 5 GHD Sit ups, 10 reverse leg lifts or reverse hyper, 20 banded kneeling crunches

Recovery: Foam Roll

kb thrusters, rope climb, 400m run

Friday, July 8

WOD: 20 min amrap, 10 Double kb thrusters 53/35, 1 rope climb, 400m run

Strength: work up to a heavy single strict press. (if you have completed this recently use a fat bar, db or kb strict press)

Accessory: 3x20 weighted push ups(or max push ups)

Recovery: Foam Roll

Strict Press: Strict Press