Assault bike calories, push press, C2B

Wednesday, January 17

WOD: 15-12-9 Assault bike calories, Push Press 135/95, C2B Pull ups

Strength: Work up to a max Turkish Get up on each hand

Accessory: After turkish get up complete 10 on each arm with 50% of your 1REP max

Recovery: 3 minutes of jump rope singles

Turkish Get up -RH : Turkish Get up -RH Right handed Turkish Get up. Start on the ground with a kb, dumbbell, or barbell and proceed to a standing position

Turkish Get up - LH : Turkish Get up - LH Left handed - using a kb dumbbell or barbell work from a seated position to a standing position.

Assault Bike/Row, Jump Rope

Wednesday, January 21 For those of you wishing to see the results of the Oregon Winter Games: Everyone at Oregon CrossFit did great competing and I m very proud of everyone! Its not easy to compete and put your training to the test.  Also huge thank you to the 70+ OC members who volunteered/judged.  We ended up having 22 people compete as well.  Pretty amazing to think OC had close to 100 people involved in the event.  Thanks again to everyone who makes it possible!

WOD: 4 rounds, 20 Cals on Assault bike or rower, 100 jump rope singles

Strength/Skill: 4 rounds, 3 each hand kb snatch + 6 oh walking lunge steps, 20 abmat sit ups, 10 knee tucks

Recovery: 500m row

Jump rope singles, air squats, push ups

Wednesday, January 7 Please note: Wednesday's are now are active rest/recovery days.  At 12:00pm there is an open training session and a bootcamp class.  Also at 5:30pm there is an endurance class as well a weightlifting class.

WOD: 6 rounds, 50 Single Jump ropes, 10 air squats, 10 push ups

Strength/Skill: 5 rounds not for time, 10 bat wings, 10 single leg lateral hops each leg, 10 kb presses, 10 pistols(scale with the negative to a box, try to maintain good lumbar position)

Recovery: 3x250m ski or 3x250 row(not max effort, focus on breathing)