Mainsite - 30's

Monday, February 5

WOD: For time: 30 OH walking lunge steps, 30 Knees to Elbows, 30 abmat sit ups, 30 cal row, 30 sit ups, 30 K2E, 30 OH walking lunge steps. Men use 45# plate, women use 35# plate Workout Courtesy of

Strength: Back squat 5 RM - or use a speciality bar and get a 1 rep max on one of them if you don’t have a number for the bar

Accessory: 3 rounds - 30 glute ham bridges wearing hip circle with feet elevated, 1:00 min static hold on last glute ham bridge, 1:00 min penguin walk with hip circle

Recovery: 1x 100 wide stance banded good mornings​

5 rep backsquat: 5 rep backsquatusing a straight bar


Friday, July 4 One class at 9 am, be open until 11 am. If you can’t come in and train here is a workout for you at home: 30 seconds on 30 seconds off, for 12 rounds,  first 6 rounds complete push ups, 2nd 6 rounds, complete jumping squats. Don't worry about counting just push hard. Oregon CrossFit is looking to hire 2 more coaches. If you have interest in becoming a coach at Oregon CrossFit please email In the email please include your a brief summary of your experience and why want to coach at Oregon CrossFit!  WOD: “Seven” 7 rounds of the following:  7 of each, Handstand push ups, Thrusters 135/95,  K2E, Deadlift 245/165, burpees, KB Swings 2/1.5, Pull ups .

Strength/Skill: none

Mobility: ride a bike for 10 minutes.


Friday, September 13

WOD: “Nancy” 5 rounds, 400m run, 15 OH Squats 95/65 (22 min time cap)

Strength/Skill: 5 min EMOM, 5 Ring Dips(scale this number if necessary), 5 K2E

Mobility: 5 minutes foam roll with purpose

10 mins EMOM D/U, AMRAP box jump, Russian Swings

Wednesday, May 22nd Challenge: 3x3 Snatch first Pull w/ 3 second pause at knee(AHAP, 110%+), 3x ME RING DIP(strict to kipping), 3xME Kipping K2E(if fewer then 10 do 10 a round) Play: 400m jog

WOD: 10 Min emom peform 10 D/U, rest of the time accumulate as many rounds as possible of 2 box jumps(30/24) and 5 Russian Swings 70/53(multiple rounds may be completed on a minute, use as high as box as possible)