T2B and Power Cleans, ascending and descending

Monday, June 13

WOD: Starting at 10 and going to 1 complete T2B, Starting at 1 and going to 10 complete power cleans 155/115

Strength: max weighted jump to a 20” box with db or kb(if no jumping go max step up on each leg, can be done with a bar or db/kb)(this could be a max heigh jump instead of weighted as well)

Accessory: 3x30 KB Front Squat(AHAP)

Recovery: 1x100 sumo banded good mornings

Double KB Front Squats, T2B,

Monday, March 30 Reminder please submit your scores for 15.5 before 5pm.  Thank you to everyone who completed the Open.  It was a great year, very proud of everyone tackling the workouts. Big thanks to everyone who came for the Potluck on Friday night.

WOD: 21-15-9 double kb Front squats 53/35 , T2B, and American Swings 53/35

Strength/Skill: work up to heaviest Overhead squat, after complete 4x10 weighted step ups with either KB’s or Db’s

Recovery: LOB Inch worm, 20 scorpions and 20 cobra push ups

Lots of 12's

Wednesday, July 3 Reminder: 1 class at 9am tomorrow, on July 4th. For you Facebook users check out Nutrition Coach Jules FB page: https://www.facebook.com/NutritionByJules?fref=ts Challenge: 1A: 3x M/U Progression work or ME unbroken M/U, 1B: 3x3 Snatch 1st pulls w/3 second pause at knee, 1C: 3x ME Chin ups Play: lax ball in butt, pancake your butt for 2 mins on each side

WOD: 12 min AMRAP, 12 KB Front Squat 1.5/1(2 KBs), 12 HR Push Ups, 12 T2B