Sunday, January 20 2019

WOD: 21-15-9 KB Snatch (each arm 21 reps) - Power cleans 135/95, Jumping lunges(each leg)

Strength: 4x2 Sumo Deadlift with a pause at the knee 75% of 1RM Sumo Deadlift

Accessory: 3 rounds - 25 glute ham bridges with hip circle, 25 side steps with hip circle on, 25 forward and backward steps with hip circle on

Recovery: coaches choice

Chipper this Tuesday

Tuesday, August 7 2018

WOD: Complete 50 burpees to plate, 40 T2B, 30 KB snatch 70/53, 20 cal assault bike (complete burpees to a 45# plate, Scale T2B with less T2B if possible/knee tucks/V- ups/abmat sit ups, KB snatch is however no mandatory arm switch, assault bike is 20 cals for both boys/girls)

Strength: 12x3 Floor press @ 50-60% of 1RM (each set complete 3 close grip, re rack, 3 medium grip, re rack, wide grip, rack - then partner goes - try to rest 1:00-2:00 between sets - each person will perform 4 rotations of the previous)

Accessory: 3x12 Cuban Presses with db’s

Recovery: 1:00 handstand hold or if no hold 1:00 banded standing overhead hold

6 on - 2 off - 2 on

Thursday, June 21

WOD: 6 min max KB snatch 53/35 (unlimited hand switch) rest 2 minute, 2 minute max burpee to a target(use something 1 foot above reach) Record snatches and total burpees. KB can be set down in the 6 min window

Strength: 8x2 deadlift off pins at just below knee @ 80% of 1RM DL(

Accessory: 3x10 Goblet squat (work up as heavy as possible)

Recovery: 50 each leg single leg glute ham bridges

4 minute windows

Thursday, December 28

WOD: In a 4 minute window perform 30 KB Snatches 35/26 in the remaining time complete max cal assault bike, rest 4 minutes, in a 4 min window perform 30 kb snatches 35/26, in the remaining time perform max cal row

Strength: Perform 4 back squats and 2 box jumps EMOM for 10 minutes(Think 50-60% of your 1 rep max as it will be 40 squats and 20 box jumps in a 10 minute window, if no jumps, step up x4 on each leg)

Recovery: Foam Roll