Calories on bike, rower, and weighted step ups

Wednesday, December 9

WOD: 30-20-10 -20- 30 Calories on Bike, rower and 50 weighted step ups20/14(hold a med ball)

Skill: 3x:30 L-Hang, 3x10(5 each arm) Lateral Push ups(definition below) 3x10(5 each direction leg circles) Definitions: Lateral Push up definition (Hands placed wider than shoulder width, fingers spread out with index fingers pointing forward and thumbs pointing inward. Shoulder posted on top of the knuckle of the hand point your elbows back by trying to turn your hands out. Forearms vertical at full extension and flexion Lower down laterally with chin, chest, and hips touching the ground Keep one arm straight as a post as the other goes into a regular push up position Leg Circle Definition: Lie on the ground in a hollow body position and keep hands pressed against the floor Make a full circular motion with legs in either left or right direction The goal is to maximize the diameter of the circle allowing the hips to lift off the ground, Straight legs and pointed toes is a must!

Recovery: 1500m row