10,9,8,7 continue down to 1

Wednesday, May 9

WOD: NFT: 10-9-8-7 etc down to 1 burpee(burpee to target with new burpee standard ), MTN climbers(double the reps), abmat sit ups (or cut reps in half and do GHD sit ups)

Strength: 20 Turkish Get ups each hand, 50 db lunge steps (either on shoulders or OH)

Recovery: 100 step ups on 20 inch box (nose breathing only)

20 Min EMOM

Wednesday, Nov 11

Happy Veterans Day. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veterans_Day We appreciate your service both past and present. OC will be on a normal schedule today.

If you are interested in competing in the Oregon Winter Event please email me: Sean@oregoncrossfit.com. General registration will open soon so please get ahead of the curve in thinking about it.

WOD: EMOM for 20 minutes: 1-5 minutes, 8 single db split snatches, 6-10 minutes, 150m sprint on rower, minutes 11-15, 10 Goblet squats, minutes 16-20, 16 Mtn Climbers.

Strength: 3x10 Overhead squats, focus on getting into a good position.

Accessory: 100 abmat sit ups

Recovery: 5 min on the bike or rower, nice easy pace.

Breathing work

Wednesday, April 1 If you preordered a sweatshirt please come and pick it up!!!!! All of the sweatshirts are presorted and have sticky notes with the names on them, so its super easy to get after class.

WOD: 8 rounds :20 on and :10 off on bike rest 4 minutes, 8 rounds :20 on and :10 off on rower

Strength/Skill: 3x20 batwings, 3x10 Bulgarian Split squats, 3x10 v- ups, 3x20 MTN Climbers

Recovery: LOB Inch worm, forward and backwards lunge

Recovery work

Wednesday, February 11 Recovery work.  IF you are doing endurance or weightlifting then that is your work, you shouldn't be doing this work.

WOD: 20 minutes, even minutes complete 10 lunges, odd minutes complete 5 perfect push ups and 2 pull ups or 6 ring rows

Strength/Skill: 3x20 lateral box step ups, 3x20 seated figure 8’s with med ball, 3x20 MTN Climbers

Recovery: 1k row