Wednesday, May 16

WOD: NOT FOR TIME - 5xLOB sled drags walking heal to toe, 3x25m prowler sprint, 2k row

Strength: 3 rounds not for time: 10 scottish get ups, 25 banded upright rows, 1:00 plank

Accessory: N/A

Recovery: 5:00 minute Assault Bike, nose breathing only

10,9,8,7 continue down to 1

Wednesday, May 9

WOD: NFT: 10-9-8-7 etc down to 1 burpee(burpee to target with new burpee standard ), MTN climbers(double the reps), abmat sit ups (or cut reps in half and do GHD sit ups)

Strength: 20 Turkish Get ups each hand, 50 db lunge steps (either on shoulders or OH)

Recovery: 100 step ups on 20 inch box (nose breathing only)

Not for time this Wednesday

Wednesday, May 2nd

WOD: 5 rounds, NFT, 20 split jumps, LOB Bear Crawl 20 Calories on the bike (this can be completed with a weight vest if you want to make it harder)

Strength: 3 rounds not for time (NFT) 10 Scottish Get ups , 20 rows each arm, 30 abmat sit ups To perform the Scottish Get Up, start on your knees with a pair of dumbbells overhead in lockout. Maintaining lockout, get to your feet, one foot at a time. Return to kneeling and this is one rep.

Recovery: 1k row row nose breathing only