Mainsite - 30's

Monday, February 5

WOD: For time: 30 OH walking lunge steps, 30 Knees to Elbows, 30 abmat sit ups, 30 cal row, 30 sit ups, 30 K2E, 30 OH walking lunge steps. Men use 45# plate, women use 35# plate Workout Courtesy of

Strength: Back squat 5 RM - or use a speciality bar and get a 1 rep max on one of them if you don’t have a number for the bar

Accessory: 3 rounds - 30 glute ham bridges wearing hip circle with feet elevated, 1:00 min static hold on last glute ham bridge, 1:00 min penguin walk with hip circle

Recovery: 1x 100 wide stance banded good mornings​

5 rep backsquat: 5 rep backsquatusing a straight bar

wall ball, step up, Russian swing

Wednesday, August 23

If anyone is available on Friday, August 25th to help us set up for the event we can use your help. We will plan on starting at Summit High School at 1pm. The plan is to build the pull up rig, move equipment, stage mats, etc. If you have questions please post to comments.

WOD: 30/20/10, wall balls 20/14, step ups 20” box, Russian swings 70/53

Strength: 4 rounds, Single arm OH walking lunge xLOB, single arm OH squats x10, single arm Push presses x 10. Complete not for time but quality of work, use either DB or KB

Recovery: Foam Roll

Team Work Saturday, LONGER Effort

Saturday, March 15

WOD: Complete as a 30 min Amrap: In teams of 2, complete 80 Push ups, 60 American Swings 2/1.5, 40 OH walking lunge steps2/1.5kb, 20 Burpees, 400m run( 1 person works at a time except for the run, if the weather is poor it is a 500m row for both people, if odd number make a group of 3 or tackle it by yourself)

Strength/Skill: 6 min to work up to a Push Press(USE YOUR BUTTS, and yes I know its a short time, you will get a legitimate chance to PR later this month)

Mobility: Coaches Choice

Single arm DB work

Friday, Dec 13 1B) 3x10 GH Raise(options here to scale up: weighted, banded, tempo)

WOD: 6 rounds, 20 OH walking lunge steps with a single db(you pick), 20 single arm push jerks, 20 Single arm step ups(DB is OH, step onto a 20" box).  Rest :30 between rounds mandatory

Strength/Skill: 1A) 5x3 + 3 Drop Snatch + OH Squat

Mobility:  5 minutes of foam rolling lats and upper back

3 rounds and 1 min at each station

Thursday, June 20th GO BEAVS!!!(Just for you Cory A.) Challenge: 8 minutes continuous movement: LOB Bear Crawl, 10 Kipping swings, 10 PBar Push ups(scale with regular push ups), 30 second plank Play: 400m sled drag(light)

WOD: 1 minute at each station, 3 rounds, D/U, step ups 24/20(these can be weighted or unweighted), lunges(these can be OH walking lunges, or DB lunges), rest 1 minute