4 rounds - How consistent can you be?

Tuesday, December 11 2018

WOD: 4x30/20 assault bike cals - rest time it take to complete the first round - try to get all four intervals consistent - so don’t max out on the first one.

Strength: 10x10 bench press @ 50-60% of 1RM Bench Press - grip may rotate as necessary to complete the work - should work in more than groups of 3

Recovery: 1x100 seated banded face pulls

Seems simple

Sunday, December 9 2018

WOD: 5 rounds - not for time - max rep bench press rx is body weight/75%bw for females - rest 2 minutes max strict pull ups, rest 2 minutes.

Accessory: After workout 4x 20 seated low banded rows, 4x20 laying on side rear delt raises

Recovery: After workout 4x 20 seated low banded rows, 4x20 laying on side rear delt raises

LIKE Annie

Saturday, December 8 2018

WOD: Like Annie: 50-40-30-20-10 Med ball cleans 20/14, abmat sit ups, lunge steps(unweighted), push ups, double unders Modify push ups by cutting number, going to a target(shortening range) Modify double unders by doing double the number in singles

Accessory: Drill the fundamentals

Recovery: Coaches Choice

Barbell work

Friday, December 7 2018

WOD: Complete 10 rounds with barbell: 5 deadlift, 5 front squats, 5 push jerks, 5 hang cleans (increase weight each round, no time limit)

Strength: 1 rep max Floor press - either straight bar or speciality bar -

Recovery: 2x1:00 birdog (1:00 on each side)

Monday - Holiday week updates

Monday, November 19 2018

Holiday Schedule:

Wednesday - Normal Schedule

Thursday - Closed

Friday - 9:30am GP Class - Open Gym 10:30-12:00, 12(noon) GP class

Saturday - Back to normal schedule

If you have family/friends who want to come in please ensure you give us a heads up.

WOD: 4 rounds, 10 sumo deadlifts 225/155, 10 lateral burpees over bar, 500m row

Strength1: work up to a 1 rep max weighted box jump or 3 rep max lunge step(use 12-20" box) (on on the jumps - use soft boxes and put weights or other boxes underneath - have someone hold the soft boxes if it becomes wobbly)

Recovery: 2:00 hollow hold

Different type of day

Saturday, November 17 2018

WOD: 20 round - :10 seconds assault bike - :50 active pedal - go for max calories (if you completed recently on the assault bike - use a row erg or ski erg)

Strength: 5 rounds - 10 body weight back squats (use racks), max effort push ups - rest 4:00 between rounds - your squats need to be BELOW 50% of your 1RM backsquat max. The squats are intended to be done unbroken. Change the push ups to a target at different heights to ensure you get 10+ reps a round.

Recovery: Coaches Choice