Back squat 3 RM

Monday, February 4 2019

WOD: 21-15-9 reps for time of:DB Box Step ups 50/35 , Power Cleans 135/95 =

Strength: Back squat 3 RM - or use a speciality bar and get a 1 rep max on one of them if you don’t have a number for the bar

Accessory: 3 rounds - 30 glute ham bridges wearing hip circle with feet elevated, 1:00 min static hold on last glute ham bridge, 1:00 min penguin walk with hip circle

Recovery: 1x 100 wide stance banded good mornings

5 Rounds Not for Time

Sunday, January 6 2019

WOD: 5 rounds NOT FOR TIME : 6 hang power clean, 5 front squats, 4 push jerks. (loading is up to the each person) - can be done as complex or done as every 3 minutes to increase difficulty

Strength: 3x12 seated z press(use db or kb)- 3x 12 seated arnold presses, 3x30 Seated med- ball twists

Recovery: coaches choice

EMOM and Gymnastics

Saturday, March 3

WOD: 20 MIN EMOM, 1 Power Clean, 1 Front Squat, 1 Push Press/Push Jerk, on even minutes, on odd minutes, complete or 200m row or :40 ass bike at 70/60 rpm pace (pick a weight and stick with it on the weight lifting portion)

Gymnastic Prep: 30 shoot thrus on p-bars(push up shoot thru, dip, shoot thru) - 3:00 total time hanging from pull up bar

Recovery: Coaches Choice

Counting reps

Saturday, December 30

Reminder: Tomorrow at 12(noon) we will be completing a marathon row or ski or TruForm. Teams of 4+ can just be for fun! Visitors and guests are welcome.

WOD: 20 min AMRAP - 20 cal row 20 wallball 20 assault bike cal 20 wallball 20 cal row 20 wallball 20 assault bike cal Etc.... Every cal and wall ball rep is a point.

Strength: Work up to a heavy power clean in 20 minutes. If extra time take 65% and hit 5x3 of what you hit today

Recovery: Coaches Choice

Power Clean: Power Clean

20 min every minute on the minute

Wednesday, December 20

WOD: 20 min EMOM complete 3 reps Power clean + Thruster (weight can increase or you can stay consistent weight the entire time - record heaviest weight completed for at least 1 round

Strength: 20 wall walks, 50 kipping swings, 20 shoot thrus, 3:00 total time in L-Sit or knee tuck (10 min time cap)

Recovery: 1k row

Its getting closer to that time

Thursday, November 30

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WOD: 10 min amrap, 60 bar facing burpees, 30 OH Squats 120/90, 10 Muscle ups If you get to muscle ups and don't have them, complete 20 pull ups and 20 p-bar dips and continue on

Strength: 12 min emom 3 power clean + 3 front squats

Recovery: Foam roll

OPEN 11.4: OPEN 11.460 Bar-facing burpees 30 Overhead squats (120lbs / 55kg) 10 Muscle-ups