Powers and bar work

Thursday, May 31

If you haven't yet signed up(to compete or to judge/volunteer) for the Best of the West Event August 24 and 25th we would love to have you participate in some way. The Best of the West event is our biggest event of the year with over hundred people each year participating from Oregon CrossFit in some form or fashion. We always appreciate the support of everyone in our local community. The opportunity to host an event that brings in several hundred people from around the northwest each year is awesome and we couldn't do it without everyone here at OC. For those of you new to OC - this will be our 16th event. We always strive to do things better than the year before and continue progressing. Links are below to get involved.

To compete

To volunteer/judge

WOD: 12-9-6 Power snatch 135/95, Bar M/U (if no bar muscle up go to c2b pull up, if no c2b then do pull up, if no pull up then do banded pulls strict )

Strength: Every minute on the minute for 8 minute - perform 2 snatches @ 70-80% (no misses)

Accessory: 3 rounds not for time: 10 kipping swings - 20 banded tear aparts - 30 banded good mornings

Recovery: roll out the bottoms of your feet

15 min - 5 Power Snatch - 12 burpee box jump

Monday, April 9

WOD: 15 AMRAP, 5 Power Snatch 135/95, 12 burpee box jump overs 24/20 (The power snatch should be able to be completed touch and go)

Strength: Max box jump (1 step) use foam boxes (set up one box and increase height by 1" a time, set up another box and increase by 3" at a time)

Accessory: 3x12 weighted db step ups 12” box

Recovery: 25 each leg and direction leg swings

Standing Box Jump: Standing Box JumpStanding, one step, max height box jump