Tuesday, August 14 2018

WOD: Randy” 75 Power Snatches 75/55 (do not drop an empty barbell - if the barbell is empty barbell must go below knees on each attempt to simulate taking it off the ground - 6 min time cap)

Strength: 9x3 Db Bench Press (Use same set of dbs for all 27 reps - work your weakest grip primarily)

Accessory: 3x8 snatch grip high pulls from hang

Recovery: 2:00 birddog on each side

Randy: Randy75 Snatches(any style) at 75/55#s

20 min amrap

Tuesday, March 20

WOD: Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: 5 power snatches 95/65 3 muscle-ups(if no muscle ups, on odd minutes do muscle up transitions, on even minutes do 6 C2B pull ups + 6 pbar dips)

Strength: Strength: 5x5 DB Floor Press

Accessory: Go over muscle up transitions (10 minutes)

Recovery: 1x100 straight arm lat pull downs

Chippering on Sunday

Sunday, March 4

Reminder open scores are due by 5pm tomorrow(March 5th) don't wait, get them submitted!

WOD: 10 DB Push Press(AHAP), 20 box jumps 24/20, 40 D/U(3 minutes working on them), 60 Jumping squats, 80 Russian Swings 2/1.5 Strength: 10 min EMOM, 3 Power snatches, odd minutes complete 5 GHD Sit ups(scale number or range if needed)

Strength : 10 min EMOM, 3 Power snatches, odd minutes complete 5 GHD Sit ups(scale number or range if needed)

Recovery: Coaches Choice

Open 11.1/14.1

Tuesday, January 23

WOD: Open WOD 14.1/11.1 10 min AMRAP 30 double unders, 15 power snatches 75/55

Strength: 10x3 Strict Press @ 60% of 1RM Strict Press

Accessory: 4x12 Supine Ring Rows

Recovery: 1x100 banded tear aparts

Open 11.1: Open 11.1Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of: 30 Double-unders 15 Power snatches 75/55

Power snatches and lots of work

Sunday, December 24

WOD: Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes perform 3 power snatches (increase weight as you go)

Strength: Perform 5x5 Db Floor press, and 5x5 KB Front squat (perform heavy but good quality of movement)

Accessory: 40 box jumps or weighted step ups

Recovery: 1k Row


Tuesday, August 22

Reminder: OC will be closed at 1pm on Friday, August 25th and closed on Saturday August 26th and August 27th for the event. If you would like to volunteer please go here: https://oregoncrossfit.com/events. We will need volunteers on Friday at 1pm at Summit High School as well as both days during the weekend.

WOD: “Randy” 75 Power Snatches 75/45 Notes: do not drop empty barbell, 6 min cap

Strength: Push Press 6x4 @ 70% of 1RM Push press

Accessory: 3xME HSPU either strict or kipping

Recovery: 1x100 banded tear aparts

Randy: Randy75 Snatches(any style) at 75/55#s