Sunday, May 20

WOD: WOD: Lynne 5 rounds for max reps of: Body-weight bench presses Pull-ups Complete in 40 minutes - warm up as necessary and rest between rounds as necessary, scale as needed like any other workout - pick a load that allows you to complete at least 10 reps on first round - this can be done with strict or kipping pull ups. The pull ups are done unbroken

Recovery: Coaches Choice

Lynne: LynneComplete 5 rounds of Body weight bench press, and pull ups. Complete with a 40 minute time cap. Record total bench press reps, and kipping/butterfly pull ups

Thruster and Pull up

Friday, February 23

Reminder OC will be completing the OPEN workouts at 5:30pm. To see the workout go here

Its not too late to sign up to do the workouts, we will do them every Friday night at 5:30pm.

OPEN 18.1 @ 5:30pm until we are done

WOD: 21-15-9 DB Thrusters 50/35 and Pull ups

Strength: Floor Press 3 RM

Accessory: 4x12 db bench press

Recovery: Foam Roll

With a partner

Saturday, February 10

WOD: 5 rounds with a partner, break up work as desired during the 1 min work, Min 1: Assault bike, Min 2: DB push Press, Min 3 DB walking lunges(open standard from 2017), Min 4 Wall ball, Min 5: Pull ups MIN 6 is REST (Try to communicate and move efficiently throughout the movements, the work changes if you are switching roles, if no partner just mirror when someone else works on another team) RUN TIME IS 30 minutes

Gymnastic Prep: 5 rounds, 10 V- ups, 10 alternating single leg v-ups, :30 Hollow hold, :30 Superman hold

Recovery: Coaches Choice

Assault bike calories, push press, C2B

Wednesday, January 17

WOD: 15-12-9 Assault bike calories, Push Press 135/95, C2B Pull ups

Strength: Work up to a max Turkish Get up on each hand

Accessory: After turkish get up complete 10 on each arm with 50% of your 1REP max

Recovery: 3 minutes of jump rope singles

Turkish Get up -RH : Turkish Get up -RH Right handed Turkish Get up. Start on the ground with a kb, dumbbell, or barbell and proceed to a standing position

Turkish Get up - LH : Turkish Get up - LH Left handed - using a kb dumbbell or barbell work from a seated position to a standing position.

Benchmark Monday

Monday, November 27

Here is the Oregon CrossFit store that is now open:STORE Anything you order will be shipped to Oregon CrossFit. If you want it shipped to another location just email me and we can make arrangements(probably $5 to cover shipping). The store is open from now until until December 4th.

WOD: Cindy” 20 min amrap 5 pull ups, 10 push up, 15 air squats

Strength: work up to a heavy double overhead squat

Recovery: 1x50 wide stance banded good mornings

Cindy: Cindy20 Min AMRAP, 5 Pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats.

Assault bike and dumbbells

Friday, Nov 17

WOD: 40/30 cal assault bike, 40 CTB, 20 DB push jerks 50/35, 40 pull ups, 40/30 assault bike (18 min time cap)

Strength: Snatch grip behind the neck press + snatch grip push press (if shoulder issues work press + 3 push press)

Accessory: 3x30 bent over flies thumb facing each other

Recovery: Foam Roll

Behind the neck, snatch grip press : Behind the neck, snatch grip press behind the neck snatch grip press. use no legs its a strict press.

Snatch Grip behind the neck push press: Snatch Grip behind the neck push presspush press with a snatch grip behind the neck for a 1RM

Same but different

Monday, Oct 23

WOD: 45 reps Thruster 95/65, 45 reps Pull ups. Divide the reps anyway. Workout courtesy of

Strength: Take either from a rack or from floor and work to a heavy single Thruster

Accessory: 3x5 GHD Sit ups (if you do these on a regular basis complete 8 reps each set)

Recovery: Foam Roll

Thruster: Thruster