Row and Sandbag Get Ups

Wednesday, February 6 2019

WOD: 1k row - 4 sandbag get ups, 500m row, 4 sandbag get ups, 250m row, 4 sandbag get ups

Strength: 4x2 Turkish Get up on each hand - work up to a heavy double

Accessory: 4x5 Single arm kb swings

Recovery: 3:00 single under practice

Sandbag, run, push up, run

Wednesday, May 15th Challenge: 3x3 Snatch first Pull w/ 3 second pause at knee(AHAP), 3x ME RING DIP(strict to kipping), 3xME Kipping T2B(if fewer then 10 do 10 a round) Play: LOB Inch worm, lunge forward and backwards

WOD: 30/15 Ground to OH with sandbag(rx is 70# sandbag just fewer reps for ladies), 400m run, 30/15 Push ups(HR), 400m run for time