Saturday, January 26 2019

WOD: ”Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of: Double-unders Sit-ups

Strength: 16 minute EMOM - 2 Power Cleans + 1 Jerk Increase weight every other minute

Accessory: Fundamentals

Recovery: coaches choice

Annie: Annie

20 Minute AMRAP

Friday, January 25 2019

WOD: 20 Minute AMRAP 30 abmat sit ups 20 Hang Db Power Cleans 15 hand release push ups 10 DB Push Jerks 50/35

Strength: Work up to a 1 Rep close grip bench press w/ a 3 second pause at chest

Recovery: 100 banded tricep extensions


Saturday, January 19 2019

WOD: “Angie” 100 pull up 100 push up 100 sit ups 100 air squats

Accessory: After workout - 1 round of the following - 50 banded good mornings, 50 banded tear aparts, 50 laying on side rear delt raises on each arm

Recovery: coaches choice

Angie: AngieFor time: 100 pull-ups 100 push-ups 100 sit-ups 100 squats

5 Rounds of Work

Wednesday, January 9 2019

Heads up Oregon CrossFit, we will be closed Saturday, January 12th so that we are able to host the CrossFit Kettlebell Course. We will post a workout for you to complete at home or enjoy the time off!

WOD: 5 rounds, 100 single jumps, 20 air squats, 20 abmat sit ups

Strength: 4 rounds(2 rounds on each arm) - 10 KB single arm swings, 8 Single arm kb high pulls, 4 KB Snatches

Recovery: 2k row/bike/ski nose only breathing

Not For Time work, MTN Climbers, abmat sit ups, calories on assault bike

Wednesday, May 4

WOD: Not for time , 10, 9, 8, 7, down to 1, of mtn climbers, abmat sit ups(if you need a break from sit ups these could be T2B, K2E, leg lifts, etc) and calories on assault bike (try to keep moving no big breaks)

Strength: 3x12 bradford presses( use bamboo bar or regular bar with bands and kbs)

Accessory: 3x5 GHD Sit up, 3x 20 reverse hyper or reverse leg lifts

Recovery: 100 lunge steps(total)

Tabata Wednesday

Wednesday, December 23

Please change shoes before coming in and training. Everyone appreciates a nice clean training floor.


WOD: Tabata Wall ball, Tabata bike for calories, Tabata sit up (no rest between sets, can start in any order) Results are total reps like: 50/100/45

Strength: 3x30 deficit barbell deadlifts @ 30% of 1 RM deadlift

Accessory: 3 rounds, of 6 wind shield wipers, 6 shoot thrus, 6 single leg squats(scale with a box)

Recovery: Foam Roll


Saturday, October 10

WOD : EMOM 20: 8 ground to over head with db’s, 8 split jumps, 8 sit ups. Use db’s that you can consistently move. On even rounds do split jumps. On odd rounds do sit ups. Every round do 8 ground to overhead with 2 dumbbells

Strength: 6 rounds, of 10 lateral db raises(each side), 10 front raises, 10 strict presses (Db’s should be light-ish and easy to move when you first start)

Recovery: Coaches Choice

Deck of Cards

Saturday, April 25

WOD: Deck of Cards, Hearts = burpees, diamonds = sit ups, spades= kb snatch, clubs=  air squats, jokers = 400m run, face cards = 10 reps.  (groups of 5 per deck, DUE TO THE CONSTRUCTION do 500m row for Jokers

Strength/Skill: if time permitting after WOD complete 100 abmat sit ups

Recovery: coaches choice