Tabata Times Three

Thursday, February 21 2019

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WOD: Complete 3 tabata cycles, one cycle of each; slam ball 30/20,burpee box jump/step up, Air squats

Strength: 12 min EMOM perform 2 Power Snatches + 1 OH @ 60-70% of 1RM Snatch

Recovery: 2:00 plank

Tabata and a lot of them

Tuesday, July 3

WOD: For max reps at each station: Tabata dumbbell shoulder presses Tabata weighted jumping lunges Tabata ring dips Tabata weighted walking lunges Tabata dumbbell push presses The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for eight intervals. There is no rest between stations. Complete all shoulder presses before moving onto jumping lunges. Record total reps at each station Men: 35-lb. dumbbells Women: 25-lb. Dumbbells Workout courtesy of

Gymnastic Prep: 3 rounds: 1:00 handstand hold(use different implement such as p-bars, plates to change stimulus, :30 Hanging L-Sit, 1:00 Plank

Recovery: 1x100 banded tear aparts


Sunday, May 6

WOD: Tabata Row(8 rounds of :20 on, :10 off) rest 1 minute, Tabata Air Squat, rest 1 minute, Tabata Row) Your score is your lowest number of calories rowed and lowest number completed in air squats, and finish with row caloreis

Strength: work up to a heavy 5 rep max fat bar row (you may use alternate grip)

Accessory: 3x10 jefferson curl

Recovery: Coaches Choice

Tabata Tuesday Time

Tuesday, December 5th

WOD: Complete 4 cycles of tabata of the following movements - Ring Rows/Pull ups(no bands), calorie row, push ups, Goblet squats 53/35 Complete one movement before moving onto the next movement.

Strength: Work up to the heaviest complex 5 press, 3 push press, 2 Push Jerks (can be completed with either db, barbell or kb)

Recovery: 100 Hollow Rocks

Tabata Wednesday

Wednesday, December 23

Please change shoes before coming in and training. Everyone appreciates a nice clean training floor.


WOD: Tabata Wall ball, Tabata bike for calories, Tabata sit up (no rest between sets, can start in any order) Results are total reps like: 50/100/45

Strength: 3x30 deficit barbell deadlifts @ 30% of 1 RM deadlift

Accessory: 3 rounds, of 6 wind shield wipers, 6 shoot thrus, 6 single leg squats(scale with a box)

Recovery: Foam Roll