Teamwork Saturday

Saturday, December 26

Please show up on time! You will do a quick warm up, get into teams and get going.

WOD: WOD: Complete 10k row in teams of 4. Partner A is on rower, Partner B in a plank, Partner C is resting, Partner D is resting. Anytime anyone cycles off the rower everyone must complete 5 burpees. 50 minute time cap

Recovery: Coaches Choice

Teamwork Saturday

Saturday, April 12

WOD: Teams of 2, each teammate completes 3 sets of: 3 rounds of 12/10 calorie row, 8 burpees.  (Athlete one completes 3 rounds of row/burpee couplet as fast as possible.  Athlete2 completes 3 rounds whiles athletes one rests.  Once athlete two has completed their three rounds the teams has finished their first set.  Repeat this sequence two more times.) WOD Courtesy of CrossFit New England

Strength/Skill: 3x10 Ring Push Ups, 3x10 DB Push Press, 1x50 banded tear aparts

Mobility: coaches choice

Team Work Saturday, LONGER Effort

Saturday, March 15

WOD: Complete as a 30 min Amrap: In teams of 2, complete 80 Push ups, 60 American Swings 2/1.5, 40 OH walking lunge steps2/1.5kb, 20 Burpees, 400m run( 1 person works at a time except for the run, if the weather is poor it is a 500m row for both people, if odd number make a group of 3 or tackle it by yourself)

Strength/Skill: 6 min to work up to a Push Press(USE YOUR BUTTS, and yes I know its a short time, you will get a legitimate chance to PR later this month)

Mobility: Coaches Choice