For time using a single db

Friday, June 15

WOD: For time, using a single dumbbell: 10 weighted pull-ups 40 overhead lunges 10 weighted pull-ups 30 snatches, alternating arms 10 weighted pull-ups 20 overhead squats, 10 each arm 10 weighted pull-ups 10 Turkish get-ups 10 weighted pull-ups Men: 50-lb. dumbbell Women: 35-lb. dumbbell workout courtesy of

Accessory: 3 rounds, 12 barbell upright rows, 10 db hammer curls on each arm, 12 dips

Gymnastic Prep: 2 rounds: 10 thumbs pointed at each other ring rows or barbell rows, 5 wall walks

Recovery: Foam Roll

7 minutes - mainsite work

Friday, April 6

WOD: Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of: 15-cal. Row 15/10 push-ups workout courtesy of

Strength: Weighted pull up work to a heavy single, if no pull ups complete at least 30 ring rows or bar rows. You may work up to both chin and pull up or just one.

Accessory: 3x20 db roll back extensions

Recovery: 1x50 overhead banded tear aparts

Weighted Chin Up : Weighted Chin Up Palms facing you, weighted chin up

Weighted Pull up: Weighted Pull upPalms facing away, max pull up


Tuesday, Feb. 19 Oregon Crossfit and the OPEN: OC will be hosting the Crossfit Open( every Friday night from 4-7pm.  We will break it into heats and compete, creating a positive environment so that everyone does their best.  ALL of the judges will have passed the Crossfit Online Judges Course(If you have taken the course please email or bring in a copy). I hope that anyone interested in signing up for the OPEN does so.  Please join Team Oregon Crossfit and help send a team to Regionals.  The competition on Friday nights will be open to ANYONE from ANY Crossfit.  Each week the winner of the OPEN that completes the WOD here at OC will win something(gift cards, FITAID, apparel from LIFE AS RX, ETC). Everyone whether you sign up for the OPEN or not will be doing the WODS on Fridays.  If you can't make Friday night we will make other arrangements to make sure you have a qualified judge and time to complete the WOD with witnesses.  We will be completing the OPEN Wod one time per week.  Re-attempts will be on a case by case basis. On the last Friday, we will be having a potluck and celebrate. The date is 4/5. If you have questions/concerns please email me Challenge: 3x5 Bench Press, 3x5 Weighted Pull up or Pull up(strict), 3x5 Weighted Dip or Dips(strict) Play: banded split stretch

WOD: 8 min kb jerk set. Unlimited hand switches 53/35. 1 Rep every 10 seconds.