Power snatches and lots of work

Sunday, December 24

WOD: Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes perform 3 power snatches (increase weight as you go)

Strength: Perform 5x5 Db Floor press, and 5x5 KB Front squat (perform heavy but good quality of movement)

Accessory: 40 box jumps or weighted step ups

Recovery: 1k Row

Calories on bike, rower, and weighted step ups

Wednesday, December 9

WOD: 30-20-10 -20- 30 Calories on Bike, rower and 50 weighted step ups20/14(hold a med ball)

Skill: 3x:30 L-Hang, 3x10(5 each arm) Lateral Push ups(definition below) 3x10(5 each direction leg circles) Definitions: Lateral Push up definition (Hands placed wider than shoulder width, fingers spread out with index fingers pointing forward and thumbs pointing inward. Shoulder posted on top of the knuckle of the hand point your elbows back by trying to turn your hands out. Forearms vertical at full extension and flexion Lower down laterally with chin, chest, and hips touching the ground Keep one arm straight as a post as the other goes into a regular push up position Leg Circle Definition: Lie on the ground in a hollow body position and keep hands pressed against the floor Make a full circular motion with legs in either left or right direction The goal is to maximize the diameter of the circle allowing the hips to lift off the ground, Straight legs and pointed toes is a must!

Recovery: 1500m row

Double KB Front Squats, T2B,

Monday, March 30 Reminder please submit your scores for 15.5 before 5pm.  Thank you to everyone who completed the Open.  It was a great year, very proud of everyone tackling the workouts. Big thanks to everyone who came for the Potluck on Friday night.

WOD: 21-15-9 double kb Front squats 53/35 , T2B, and American Swings 53/35

Strength/Skill: work up to heaviest Overhead squat, after complete 4x10 weighted step ups with either KB’s or Db’s

Recovery: LOB Inch worm, 20 scorpions and 20 cobra push ups

10 min amrap

Tuesday, Nov 5 Jules will be holding her Nutrition office hours for November tomorrow, Wednesday November 6th at 6:30, and Wednesday November 20th at 6:30pm. Come chat nutrition and/or have your body fat checked.

WOD: 10 Min amrap, 20 KB Snatches 53/35, 20 Jumping split squats.

Strength/Skill: We will test our 1 RM Back Squat next Tuesday, and then move into a new squat cycle. For today 3x10 Weighted Step ups, 3x20 Banded Good Mornings

Mobility: shoulder mobility work