10 Min EMOM

Saturday, August 13

Kenny from SFH will be here all day on Monday, August 15th to discuss new products and let you guys try some new flavors. If you have questions about SFH this is a great time to get them answered.

WOD: 10 min EMOM, 3 power cleans and 3 broad jumps (if no jumping sub with step up)

Strength: 6x4 Front Squat @ 65% of 1RM

Accessory: Tabata Ab mat sit ups

Recovery: Coaches Choice

Barbell work

Monday, July 6 Reminder: This Wednesday at 4:45pm and 6:30pm are two classes Open for any of you to bring friends/family interested in training at Oregon CrossFit. The class will be focused on a high cardio output and lasts 30 minutes. Please have any guests complete the online waiver ahead of time the class is FREE to any guests. Reminder: On Sunday, July 19th we start a Sunday Olympic Weight lifting class at 10am. Questions? Post to comments.

WOD: 15-12-9 Power Clean 135/95, Front squat, Push Jerk

Strength: Max Effort Zercher Squat

Skill: 4x3 Single Leg squats(pistols) if possible do them weighted. Work on proper body positioning. Scaled version do them off the side of a box

Recovery: Banded Hip Opener

Zercher Squat: Zercher Squat