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Nutrition: “Yeah I eat pretty well”
By: JD Alex
What is it about nutrition that causes people to care so little about it? Is it the same as not taking your car to the shop because if you do, then something will be wrong with it, but if you never take it in then there can’t ever be anything wrong?
From a coaching stand point we see a general lack of care when it comes to nutrition and an over abundance of time spent in the gym. You have probably heard the general rule of thumb abs come from 30% in the gym and 70% in the kitchen, well it is true. If we claim to care so much for our bodies, we must be fueling it with what it needs, not just what we want, and this is where we start to lose people during the nutrient chat. Once you start telling someone what is or isn’t good for them, generally they stop listening. But, lets take a good hard look at some things. If I were to tell you to stop eating wheat or dairy products such as bread and milk, most likely you would say, “I’ve eaten these products my entire life and I’m fine.” That may in fact be the case, you may be “fine”, but wouldn’t you rather be better, or great? Now this isn’t to tell you not to have those products, we are adults and we will do what we want. I just want you to take a look at the effort you put inside the gym, and put that same effort in the kitchen.
It is actually pretty easy, first as mentioned a few sentences back, regarding wheat and dairy, why don’t you try (if you haven’t already) eliminating it from your diet for a couple weeks, see if you notice any changes, which could include, trips to the bathroom, inflammation of joints not what it was, or skin clearing up from acne, and there are more, but just give it a go. Second, when shopping, make better choices. Shop the outsides of the store, spend a little extra money on buying high quality meats, and produce. Someone once put it like this for me, “if you had only one car your whole entire life, you would buy the best fuel right? Your body is that one car, so you better spend a little extra for the best fuel.” That really stuck with me. If the product in question has a shelf life of a Twinkie, it probably isn’t the best fuel for your body. Lastly, plan your meals ahead of time, nothing is worse than being hungry over lunch, and your options include a vending machine or a burger wrapped in plastic, that you question if the meat is actually meat or not.
As far as the goods go, by goods I mean donuts, ice cream, cookies and the list never ends, why don’t you try the “one bite rule”. What is the “one bite rule” you ask…it’s pretty simple. If you take a bite of something you think you want and it doesn’t do the trick, it isn’t as good as you thought, then don’t continue to eat it. Save those treats for the good stuff, the homemade cookies at mom’s house, or the gelato from Bonta. You know what you really want and what you just crave, so make better decisions.
Don’t be afraid to change things up a bit, try something new. You may be surprised how much improvement can be made from just fueling your body correctly, or the changes that can be made to the body aesthetically, from just eliminating a few things you don’t really need in your diet.
Good reminders bro. Another good one for me at least: use your Tupperware!
Nutrition is a life-long challenge. Making one significant change a month is a manageable way to painlessly make improvements to your over-all health, as well as test how your body reacts to it. Thanks for the reminders and info!
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